<transcy>KIBō MANIFESTO</transcy>

KIBō means hope (in Japanese). Hope for a more ethical, more sustainable, better future. Hope for a definitive turn towards a reality more respectful with the environment, with Mother Earth and among people.

KIBō encourages responsible consumption. It is not having more! It is having better.

KIBō is as special as you for choosing KIBō

KIBō It's unique , each piece is built individually and may present slight differences with the example shown on our website. We understand that this feature brings exclusivity and character to the universe KIBō.

KIBō is genderless By definition, we believe in a world where people's gender cannot and should not be a reason to segregate, exclude or discriminate against anyone. We design garments. wonderful for wonderful people, regardless of gender.

KIBō is aware that the fashion paradigm has changed and the scenario must be different. Offering competitive and adjusted prices, as far as possible, to the real expectation of the market is on our list of priorities.

KIBō is slow fashion. We will not skimp on time to create and build what you choose. The process is handmade and we will use the necessary time until your product is perfect. Once ready, we will send it to you as soon as possible.

KIBō is timeless. Our designs are designed to last over time. We do not believe in fads and we do believe in items that you will wear for years.

KIBō is dynamic and it is not delimited in collections or restricted by seasons, nowadays with climate change we can be at 30ºC in January and snow in summer. We will try to offer you what you need, just when you need it.

KIBō is a sustainable, responsible, ethical, carefree, current and quality lifestyle. We are committed to a better future, and we are going to do our best to create fashion that feels great to you. and with which you feel good.