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Descubre nuestra última colección de sportswear urbano: ¡piezas estampadas a mano que gritan estilo! Cada prenda es como un lienzo urbano personal, lleva el rollo de la calle con autenticidad y comodidad. ¡Se tú, sin igual!. WHO R U??? son prendas concebidas comogenderless (sin género)y creadas para quién las quiera llevar: chicas, chicos, chiques o ninguno de los anteriores.

  • KIBō Universe

    Our clothing and accessories.

    All our pieces are unique, and we never repeat them. We are going to use upcycling, bleach dye, traditional printing and other techniques to create fashion that never goes unnoticed.

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    If you want to do a collaboration, or need a consulting service, organize some workshops or whatever, get in touch and we'll talk.

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  • Activism

    The KIBō philosophy is directly aligned with the 2030 agenda. We advocate a world free of wars, hunger, and social inequalities. We are committed to the care and protection of our Planet and we encourage critical thinking about the current way of consumption. For us it is essential to evaluate each step we are taking, and we will never tire of influencing the need to do fashion in a different way; less aggressive, more respectful and inclusive.


An ideal accessory for cold days. For this collection we have chosen a selection of wools and neoprenes, finishing off all the interiors with fleece lining. They have a button to open and close them .

All materials come from local distributors

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About me


I am Rubén, the creator of this conscious fashion universe. After more than fifteen years working in fashion and with everything I have learned at the London College of Fashion, I have acquired my own criteria and discourse on the industry. I consider the imperative need for a radical change in the way of doing fashion, looking for solutions that cause the least possible damage to the environment and to people. I have sustained KIBō on three fundamental pillars: craftsmanship, sustainability and ethics. And with this starting point, I create unique pieces with a marked and recognizable style. If you need to contact me, you can send me an email to info@kibomodaconsciente.com

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