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Street Runway - Urban Catwalk

In the spring of this year 2021, our people from Burlesk Espacio Creativo asked us for advice for a parade to be held in June in Pola de Laviana (Asturias). After thinking about it a lot, we decided to present four looks that were very topical, that reflected real problems, things that in our opinion urgently need to be solved. Four social scourges that unfortunately, all of us have suffered at some time, even indirectly.

Look 1. Silence is violence.

Violence of any kind, and especially gender violence in our country, is something that cannot and should not be silenced anymore. Every week the media inform us of new cases. Despite the frequent demonstrations shouting “ not one more ” and the obvious signs of general revulsion, the problem continues to plague us continuously, not only the aggressors who are directly responsible, but all of us as a society unable to put an end to this horror. From KIBō and Burlesk we beg you not to remain silent in the face of any form of violence. Remember that love is not the host.

Look 2. An eternity without kisses.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately far from over, in fact at the moment, the virus seems to have rebounded in nearby countries such as the United Kingdom. Taking as a starting point the mask that doctors used at the time of the Black Death, we have designed several pieces that symbolize the stigmatization that some infected people experience, going from being victims to "infectious elements". The impossibility of kissing our loved ones and the obligation to maintain social distance collide head-on with our roots and our culture so prone to professing and showing affection.

Look 3. Melody in black and white.

If someone asked us "Are you racist?", we bet that most of us would answer emphatically "No!". However, racism is still very present in our society. The simple fact of being born in foreign places, or with a skin color other than “white”, often turns innocent individuals into human targets. Unfortunately, jokes and nicknames are still used to refer to people from Latin America, for example. In countries like the United States there is a serious problem of people being killed by the police for the simple fact of not being the right color, as if there really were a right color. It's time to change this tune to black and white. We are going to compose together a symphony full of nuances and colors.

Look 4. Before it's too late.

The damage we have already done to our beloved planet Earth is evident. Global warming exacerbates extreme weather events, the ocean floors are devastated with plastics and other toxic materials that are exterminating marine flora and fauna. Many experts confirm that the damage caused is already practically irreversible. It is time to become globally aware and take responsibility for the need for a radical change in our way of consumption, and how we manage our waste. It depends on you, it depends on everyone.

We are pleased to offer you exclusively, because as always there is only one of each, a capsule collection with six of the garments that hit the catwalk. More exclusivity impossible!!!. We hope you like them as much as we do creating them.

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