F3KZ is a multi-trend commitment to sustainable fashion that is made entirely in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country). Like its two creators, it shows personality, it has character and fuses the avant-garde and sophistication of Paris, with the rebelliousness and daring of London, in a good club in Berlin.

All F3KZ proposals are created individually and responsibly, following artisanal and ethical processes with the environment and people. For the elaboration, and whenever possible, the materials are reused and the fabrics are used to the maximum. The starting point is usually carefully selected vintage garments, which are first treated, repaired and conditioned to prolong their life, then transformed into contemporary, casual and unique pieces. In the case of needing new materials, F3KZ always prioritizes and supports local businesses.

F3KZ conceives a universe of exclusivity, supported by the creation of unique pieces. By having full control over the elaboration, in each part of the process the appropriate decisions are made to guarantee that each item is unique and exclusive. F3KZ starts with the commitment to never create two identical products, and even those that belong to the same collection, will present notable differences with all the others.

F3KZ is an eclectic concept, where the most radical activism in favor of sustainability communes with the deepest respect for fashion and art. F3KZ is a conjunction of two very own speeches, to create a recognizable style that does not go unnoticed.

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